Why Holdheide Academy

Why Should You Choose Holdheide Academy?

We have a long list of reasons why we think you should enroll your child at Holdheide. But we know that choosing a school for your child is more than just a list of features and benefits. Read testimonials from Holdheide families.

  • The school has heated carpeted floors throughout the building so that there are never drafts for any child.
  • Water and air filtration systems are utilized throughout the building.
  • Teethers and toys are sanitized in a dishwasher on a sanitized wash, not sprayed with chemicals.
  • Our students play with beautiful wooden toys, many from Europe, to allow them to experience the textures of real things, and allow their imagination to start contemplating the many possibilities.
  • Mobile baby movement monitors for all babies 6 weeks through 4 months add a further layer of protection against SIDS – www.snuza.com
  • The curriculum, implemented in every room, including the infants, is second to none with language and math readiness, science, music and art taught to each level every day.
  • We have certified teachers in every upper classroom and have contracted specialists available.
  • A child psychologist helped us choose developmentally appropriate color schemes for each room, occupational therapists helped us choose toys that would integrate sensory motor into everyday learning.
  • Fine and gross motor specialists helped us design two incredible age appropriate playgrounds, both of which are encased with a misting system which lowers the temperature twenty degrees.
  • The school will provide transportation to children’s ballet and karate lessons, and piano lessons will be taught at the school.
  • Well visits to the doctor, dentists and chiropractor will also be provided, as well as fantastic field trips to the Children’s Museum, Fox Theater, High Museum of Art, and Fernbank.
  • Guest speakers have also been invited into the school to expose the children to cultures from around the world including a Japanese Tea Ceremony, Zulu Naming ceremony and a Navaho Native American Eagle ceremony and puppeteers, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, musicians and story tellers will also be sharing their talents.
  • Recognizing that no two children learn in the same way, or at the same rate, every child is moved up through the classrooms according to developmental and social readiness, not necessarily age limits.
  • Our curriculum is always modified to accommodate each child’s learning style and potential with a full academic program (8:15 – 4:15), with clearly defined subjects which are presented in learning centers that a child experiences in a hands-on approach using fun, game like activities.
  • Spanish is offered twice a week to our students and they are exposed to classical, jazz and new age music as well as art, architecture, sculpture, painting and weavings.
  • Low student to teacher ratios (four to one during learning centers)
  • The highest levels of security (10 security cameras cover the entire building and an individual id code is issued to each parent in order to access the facility)
  • Fresh and healthy food, (hormone free milk, breads, cookies, granola, and muffins which are free of enriched products)
  • Certified Teachers in upper classrooms; wonderfully experienced teachers in lower classrooms.
  • A commitment to giving your child the best possible start in life.