Frequently Asked Questions

1. What curriculum do you use?
We have designed our curriculum to enhance your preschooler’s social and cognitive development. This curriculum allows us to provide children with the most individualized lessons that would promote the growth of their developmental skills.

2. What are your child to teacher ratios?
Our center conforms to, or betters NAEYC standards for teacher to child ratios. Please contact the specific center you are interested in for more information on specific ratios of your child’s age. You can also visit naeyc.org for additional information.

3. What items do I need to bring for my child?
Each child is different, therefore it would be beneficial to ask your child’s teacher anything specific they may need. These items could include, but are not limited to, a change of clothes, sippie cup, diapers/pull ups, underwear, bottles, pacifier, etc.

4. How long do the children play outside?
Outdoor time is essential in a preschooler’s day. It promotes motor skill development, social development, and also individual development. Depending on the weather, our daily schedules provide children with at least one hour of outdoor play, with the older children getting a little more time.

5. Do I receive any discounts for multiple children?
Holdheide Academy does offer a 10% discount weekly for the oldest child enrolled.

6. How do I know what my child has done all day if I never get to see the teacher?
Each child under the age of three receives a cuddle gram daily. These will show you when and what they ate, what times they pottied or had a diaper change, if they slept, etc. You can always call or stop in at any time to talk your child’s teacher.

7. What happens if I am late?
Please refer to the policies and procedures for specific information.

8. What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all credit and debit cards, money order, cash, checks and tuition express. Tuition express is our automatic payment service. Please see the receptionist for more information.